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Fishnure will revolutionize your plants and gardens!
Fishnure Humus Compost contains fish manure and oat straw and is made in a special process where nutrient-capturing inoculants and minute amounts of clay are added. During the decomposition process, the clay particles are bound with the organic matter and a semi-soft substance is created that is perfect for preservation of microbial life. And it is the microbial life that is critical for plants to gain nutrients.
The Benefits of Fishnure are endless!
No smelly odors! Watch as your yield is amplified! Experience increased aeration and water holding capabilities. Soil is more fertile and organic matter of soil increased. Say goodbye to plant disease! All of this by implementing Fishnure!
Wanted the benefits of aquaponics but lacked the ability to implement? Fishnure offers the same benefits as aquaponics.

Organic Fertilizer for Vegetables

Easy and economical to use.  No odor. Can be applied as a solid or mixed in water and applied as a liquid.  Microbial life is immediately available.

If fish manure provides complete nutrients for aquaponics imagine what it can do for your organic lawn and garden.

FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S. “I will go with Fishnure for growing my vegetables instead of Triple 13 from now on. I grew the biggest bell peppers and tomatoes that I have ever grown this year using Fishnure. The moisture holding of the soil was much better also.” – Pete Emerson, Produce Grower, Lake Village, ARFishnure is a humus compost made from fish manure and oat straw in a special composting process that adds nutrient capturing innoculants and a small amount of clay.  During the decomposition process the organic matter binds to the microscopic clay particles and creates a soft putty-like substance that is ideal for the maintenance of active microbial life.   The organic matter that is bound to the clay particles will remain in the soil as humus.  The microbial life is essential for plants to receive nutrients. The fish manure used in the process is the solid waste from a high protein diet excreted by fish in a raceway environment where the solid waste can be captured and removed quickly from the water before nutrients can leach from the waste. The fish manure when decomposed by microbes and bacteria provides all types of plants with the same nutrients as plants grown in an aquaponics system. The resulting product has no unpleasant odor – it smells like freshly plowed soil and is water soluble.  Fishnure is a complete organic fertilizer that is in a form that can be stored, shipped and used anywhere. Fishnure is safe for your family, pets and safe for your plants. It will promote vigorous growth in your plants. Most soils have adequate nutrients but lack the necessary diverse micro organisms to extract the nutrients for plant use.  A quality organic fertilizer will add additional nutrients but must also add the necessary biology to make those nutrients available to the plants.  The biology is amazingly complex and fragile.  The bacteria and fungi do their work and then protozoa, nematodes and micro arthropods take the process a step further.  If this biology has been destroyed by use of chemicals or by adverse farming practices the nutrients will remain in an unusable state. The diverse biology in an aquatic environment is largely responsible for the results achieved in an aquaponic system.  This diverse aquatic biology is also carried over into the final Fishnure™ product.  The fish manure that is used to make Fishnure is vacuumed from the raceways as a semi-solid and is then de-watered to about 65% moisture.  The biology is undisturbed at this point.  The fish manure is then combined with oat straw and clay from an aquatic environment and decomposed over a 9 week period.  Temperature, moisture and carbon dioxide are measured to assure optimum biological conditions.  The final fish manure fertilizer product is a moist putty-like substance that is alive with the original aquatic biology and ready to be applied as a solid or as a liquid extract. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S.


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Fishnure Organic Fertilizer provides many benefits. Some of them are:
  • No oder.
  • Increased yield.
  • Increased aeration and water holding capacity.
  • Increased soil fertility.
  • Increased organic matter content of the soil.
  • Enhanced plant disease suppression.
  • Increased microbial life.

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