Fishnure Solid 16 lbs.

Fishnure is an organic fertilizer and soil conditioning additive made from fish manure.

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Fishnure Solid 1.5Lbs.

Fishnure is an organic fertilizer and soil conditioning additive made from fish manure.

Makes 4.5 Gallons of Liquid

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Fishnure Tea 64oz

Compost tea, or compost extract, is an economical way to deliver many of the benefits of high-quality compost efficiently

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Fishnure Solid 16 lbs. Fishnure Solid 1.5Lbs. Fishnure Tea 64oz

Welcome to Fishnure for Organic Fertilizer

Fishnure Organic Fertilizer provides many benefits. Some of them are:

  • No oder.
  • Increased yield.
  • Increased aeration and water holding capacity.
  • Increased soil fertility.
  • Increased organic matter content of the soil.
  • Enhanced plant disease suppression.
  • Increased microbial life

Learn more about Fishnure Advantage

Fishnure will revolutionize your plants and gardens!

Fishnure Humus Compost contains fish manure and oat straw and is made in a special process where nutrient-capturing inoculants and minute amounts of clay are added. During the decomposition process, the clay particles are bound with the organic matter and a semi-soft substance is created that is perfect for preservation of microbial life. And it is the microbial life that is critical for plants to gain nutrients.

Wanted the benefits of aquaponics but lacked the ability to implement? Fishnure offers the same benefits as aquaponics.

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