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64 oz. Fish Manure Humus Compost Tea Sustainably sourced Odorless Organic Humus Compost Tea

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Fishnure compost tea is a water-based extraction of the soluble minerals, humic substances, and microbes from high-quality Fishnure humus compost. Fishnure tea is typically applied directly to the soil or to the leaves as a foliar spray. When applied to the leaves the diverse microbial profile in the tea helps the plant’s leaves absorb nutrients from the air. When applied to the soil the microbes help the plant’s root system extract nutrients from the soil.
  • ORGANIC NATURAL FERTILIZER: Organic, living fertilizer and soil conditioning humus compost tea made from fish manure for indoor and outdoor plants; Graphics may differ
  • KEY BENEFITS: Increased yield, aeration, water holding capacity, soil fertility, organic matter, and enhanced plant disease suppression
  • HIGH CONCENTRATION: 1 pound treats up to 60 square feet, allowing you to cover large spans of area with an 8-pound bag
  • LONG-LASTING: Organic matter is bound to the microscopic clay particles in humus compost and won't decompose further, remaining in the soil and increasing the total organic matter
  • ODORLESS: Humus compost has no fishy smell and instead has the smell of freshly tilled soil, keeping your shed or garage space fresh