Fishnure - The Original Plant Fertilizer

Fishnure - The Original Plant Fertilizer

For millions of years, the only plants growing were those in the oceans and streams. The plants provided food for the fish and the wastes from the fish provided fertilization for the plants. This was a sustainable process and continues to this day.

Microbes are essential in providing the necessary nutrients to the plants in this sustainable process. Plants could not grow on land until an environment that could sustain the microbes was established - and that environment is humus.

Humus is formed from decaying organic cells. It is the dark organic matter in rich soil that supports plant growth. Plants can be grown in water, sand or other materials without humus by artificially supplying the nutrients that plants need. However, this process is not natural and not sustainable.

Here's where Fishnure Humus Compost comes to the rescue. Our Humus Compost is made by composting fish manure with a carbon source and a special clay to create humus that contains aquatic microbes.

Fishnure mimics the original process of fertilization of plants with the manure from fish. The finished humus compost can be bagged and shipped for growing plants naturally and sustainably, anywhere. 

There is no need to go through the troublesome task of growing fish. Leave the heavy lifting to us! All you will need to do is plant your favorite veggies, fruits, flowering plants, or non-flowering plants and add Fishnure's Humus Compost to the mix.

Photo of mango plants grown in fabric pots

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