Frequently Asked Questions about Fishnure Organic Fertilizer

Real Questions from our customers compiled for your benefit : 

Q: Does Fishnure Compost have the OMRI certified stamp?
A : Yes. Fishnure Compost is OMRI Certified. You can verify the certification at the following link :

Q : Can Fishnure be spread on lawn?
A : Yes, but it has to be broadcast by hand. It is a moist product and will not work with a spreader. The easiest way to apply to a lawn is to convert to a liquid by mixing in water and apply with a hose end sprayer.

Q : Can this be used as lawn compost?
A :Yes. It can be applied as a solid but it easier to convert it into a liquid by mixing the solid with water and applying with a sprayer.

Q : What is NPK?
A :The three numbers on fertilizer represents the value of the three macro-nutrients used by plants. These macro-nutrients are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) or NPK for short. Chemical fertilizers provide NPK directly to plants but some of the NPK drains into streams and is environmentally harmful. Organic fertilizers such as Fishnure provide NPK naturally by microbial action and only provide what is needed and not overwhelm the ecosystem with inorganic nutrients.

Q : What are NPK fertilizers?
A : NPK fertilizers are fertilizers that contain the elements nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Nitrogen is good at making the leaves grow. phosphorous improves fruit and/or flower production as well as root growth. potassium is great for overall plant health. Organic fertilizers such as Fishnure provide NPK naturally by microbial action and only provide what is needed and not overwhelm the ecosystem with inorganic nutrients.

Q : What is the NPK Content of Fishnure?
A : The NPK as for any compost is less than 1% each. The plant nutrients needed are provided by the microbes in Fishnure.

Q : How much compost manure is needed to make 64 oz. of Compost Tea?
A : About 6 ounces. 

Q : How much Compost Tea is needed to cover 2000 sqft of lawn?
A : 1 bottle of 64Oz Fishnure Compost Tea mixed in the ratio of 1 part tea and 4 parts water will be sufficient. 

Q : Can I use Fishnure on my lawn?
A : Absolutely. Apply it with a hose end sprayer. One 64 ounce bottle will treat 1350 sq. feet of lawn.  

Q : Is Fishnure Compost Tea a concentrate? How much is administered to the plant/how many applications are in this bottle?
A : It is a concentrate. It should be diluted 1 to 4 parts water. Individual plants should get 6 oz. every 2 weeks.

Q : Does Fishnure Compost Tea come with a hose end sprayer?
A : No it does not.

Q : Since it looks to be in pieces rather than powdery, how is it used for transplanting a small plant? Do I just drop a piece in the bottom of the hole?

A: Depending on the size of the plant to be transplanted you can measure out a few ounces of Fishnure Compost and mix it with the soil and water.

Q :I read the directions wrong I put half a pound in my 7 gallon pots . Not a quarter of a pound. Will my plants burn 🔥?
A : No. Fishnure Compost will not burn your plants. Your plants will benefit from the extra amount.

Q : Which heavy metals are there in Fishnure and what are the percentages?
A : All Values are ppm :

  • Barium 10.6 ppm
  • Silver 11.5
  • Arsenic 10.1
  • Mercury 0
  • Cobalt 9.01
  • Lead 26.91
  • Zinc 46.3
  • Nickel 16.8
  • Copper 26.4
  • Chromium 33.9 

Q : How much Fishnure compost is used for a 5 gallon container? Would I use other supplements with it? humic acid, aminos, etc? or just let it do its thing?
A: Our most value for money package is the 32 lbs. Fishnure Compost that Retails for $120.49. No other nutrients are needed. Use 1 pound of Fishnure for a 5 gallon container.

Q : I want to use this soil in my hoya bella, jade, rubber tree and fiddle leaf fig. Can I use this in the different soil mixture for all of them or not?
A : Fishnure is a natural fertilizer so you can use it for all of your trees. The amount will depend on the size of the tree.

Q : Is Fishnure Compost applied dry as is and then watered in? Or reconstituted in water and then applied?
A : Fishnure Compost can be applied dry and watered in or mixed in water and applied by sprayer.

Q : Can Fishnure Compost be used straight to fill a Vole hole right up against an Okame Cherry Tree?
A : Yes. Fishnure will not harm the tree.

Q : How many square ft. of coverage can a Fishnure 8lb bag be used for? 
A: For lawns an 8 pound bag will cover 480 sq. ft.  For plants 8 pounds will be sufficient for 200 row feet of plants.

Q : Would Fishnure Compost be good for a fig tree?
A : Absolutely. Spread about 16 ounces around the tree and water well.

Q : How much Fishnure Compost would you use in a 10 gallon container?
A : If the 10 gallon container is used as a mixing container for a mix that will distributed to other containers I would mix in 16 lbs. and mix well. If the container is for a single plant I would apply 10 to 16 ounces around the plant.

Q : I am concerned about antibiotics being in the Fishnure product. Are the fish fed organically without antibiotics?
A :The fish in our raceways are fed grain and fish meal. There are no antibiotics in the feed.

Q : Does Fishnure eliminate the need for liquid fertilizer?
A : For plants in soil the solid Fishnure is all you would need. The liquid as a foliar feed would add some benefit. If the plants are in a hydroponics system you would need to add Fishnure as a liquid.

Q : Can you use Fishnure with worm castings?
A : Yes, Fishnure is a natural fertilizer and can be used with worm castings.

Q : Will Fishnure Compost reduce the pH level in my garden soil?
A : The pH of Fishnure is neutral so it would reduce your garden soil pH if your pH is high but it would depend on how much Fishnure is applied.

Q : What type of fish did this manure come from? In other word are this "clean fish" meaning they have scales and fins? And what food were this fish fed?
A : Currently we are using trout manure. Trout have scales and fins. They are fed a diet that is grain based with some fish meal.

Q : The Mississippi flood plain is a toxic mess. How has this not affected Fishnure?
A : The clay used was deposited in the Delta soil millions of years ago. It is not in the flood plain.