Just Add Water, Mix, and Spray - with Fishnure

Just Add Water, Mix, and Spray - with Fishnure

Do you always procrastinate when it comes to applying fertilizer to your plants on time? Keeping your plants healthy doesn't have to be a tiresome chore with Fishnure on your side!

A big advantage with Fishnure is that the micro life in humus compost has been increased by the addition of the clay during the decomposing of the nitrogen and carbon components of the compost. The clay provides a moist environment for the microbes and they remain active and ready to do their work as soon as the product is applied.

Fishnure is easy to use because it can be mixed with water and immediately applied as a liquid without the lengthy brewing process required for regular compost. The components in the compost have been decomposed into a putty-like substance that when mixed in water produces a homogenous mixture of suspended microscopic particles that can applied with a hose end sprayer without additional screening.

The microbes will greatly improve moisture retention of the soil while providing much-needed nutrients to your plants.

Watch this video to see how it is done!

Learn more about Fishnure here.

For starters : Fishnure 8 lb.

Best Value for purchase : Fishnure 32 lb.

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