Fishnure Organic Fertilizer Outperforms Triple 13 Chemical Fertilizer

Fishnure Organic Fertilizer Outperforms Triple 13 Chemical Fertilizer

Pete Emerson, a commercial produce grower in Lake Village, AR has been using Triple 13 fertilizer for years to provide the nutrients for his produce. Pete grows tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, cantaloupes, peppers and other vegetables for sale in the local produce market. This year he planted some of his crop using Fishnure™. His crops using Fishnure™ have performed better than those using Triple 13 fertilizer. Furthermore, the moisture retention of the soil where Fishnure was used was significantly better than the soil where it was not used. Fishnure is a humus compost made from fish manure and oat straw. It contains a small amount of clay that binds with the organic material in the compost to the microscopic clay particles. The clay particles with the bound organic material stay in the soil and increase the moisture retention capabilities of the soil. Says Pete, “I will go with Fishnure instead of Triple 13 from now on. Using Fishnure I grew the largest bell peppers and tomatoes that I have ever grown. The moisture holding of the soil was much better also.”

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