Testimonials of Fishnure from real users around the USA

Testimonials of Fishnure from real users around the USA

Pete Emerson, a commercial produce grower in Lake Village, AR has been using Triple 13 fertilizer for years to provide the nutrients for his produce. Pete grows tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, cantaloupes, peppers and other vegetables for sale in the local produce market. This year he planted some of his crop using Fishnure™. His crops using Fishnure™ have performed better than those using Triple 13 fertilizer. Furthermore, the moisture retention of the soil where Fishnure was used was significantly better than the soil where it was not used. Fishnure is a humus compost made from fish manure and oat straw. It contains a small amount of clay that binds with the organic material in the compost to the microscopic clay particles. The clay particles with the bound organic material stay in the soil and increase the moisture retention capabilities of the soil. Says Pete, “I will go with Fishnure instead of Triple 13 from now on.. Using Fishnure I grew the largest bell peppers and tomatoes that I have ever grown. The moisture holding of the soil was much better also.”

Lou in Michigan says, “I use FISHNURE in my soil mix for potting plants which I grow indoors. Using FISHNURE in your soil mix gives your plants the exact amount of nutrients the plant requires. It does not lend itself to burning and plants grow,  especially in the vegetative state, very strong and the root and branch development is superior.
I simply crumble FISHNURE into my soil mix and the plant’s root system does the rest. There is no offensive smell and it mixes well giving your soil mix a clay like additive which the plants absorb easily and it adds body and moisture retention capabilities. Using FISHNURE in my soil mix also greatly reduces the “salts” left over by conventional chemical additives.   I promote your product often. When people ask “what do you use to grow like that?”  I reply Fishnure… because I believe in your product. Roots are attached like dingle berries,  sorry for the comparison!!  Thanks Lou”

Tom in Oregon says,  “I have to tell you that I used your product and I was impressed! I didn’t need nearly as much as I talked with you about earlier. I can get by with 128lbs per year. You offer it for $44 for 32lbs. That is a good price for the product. I  apologize for the earlier emails as I thought I need a whole lot more, but no, I figured out I only need 1 pound of Fishnure per 7 gallons of Vermifire potting mix. Vermifire lasts about 3 weeks and then I mix a Fishnure tea and water the plants and scoop out the muck and
divide it up among the 7 gallon pots. Bigger pot, like my 45G Smart pots, filled with 35G of  Vermifire will be top dressed with about 5 to 6lbs after the tea.  I bought your Fishnure on eBay, but your prices on your website are slightly better and free shipping!  I’ll be ordering 64lbs after the third of the month. Again, thanks for a great product and for my application, it does appear to be a cost effective…:) I’ll place my order in the beginning of July, cheers. Tom”

Certified AECOM Quality Specialist says, “Your product is awesome. when I look at the roots of my plants, the root hairs are clumped around each piece of Fishnure. you can see that the plant root mass likes the Fishnure.”

Amazon.com 5.0 out of 5 stars Top Quality Product, December 29, 2014
By LwrKfla
Verified Purchase on Amazon.com
This review is from: 16 Lbs. Fishnure Fish Manure Humus Compost
This product is fantastic. I have been using small handfuls in pots when I start seeds, in holes when I transplant
into the garden, in my compost tea and in my worm bin. I have definitely seen a difference since I bought this product.
When it arrived, I found that, for some reason, the company had mistakenly doubled my order. I called them and
offered to send back the duplicate at my own expense. The gentleman I spoke with verified that I had received the
duplicate in error and told me to just keep it. He suggested that I share it with neighbors. I have done just that.
This product is excellent!

Hey JWhite, finally caught on to the THCFarm huh? Fishnure is great stuff, I use it on everything not just the medical. It worked better for me in vermi-compost tea bubbled for 24 hours. I tried as Mr. Fishnure and the results were exceptional but in a tea it’s killer!! For anyone who has tried it, how you find it working?
OctoberDee, Oct 15, 2013

Now that i think of it, that’s basically the whole premise that aquaponics is based on. Fish shit in the water, plants thrive in the water.
neverbreak, Oct 16, 2013

Steve Dejewski of Wilmington, NC made this comment, “I would market Fishnure as the ULTIMATE Amendment. Used in conjunction with any program turf,farming, etc it will help people’s plants, turf etc. You need to get some pics off a microscope showing the biological diversity and simplicity of using your product. This is a pic of a carrot we grew using Fishnure. Picture probably does no justice but it was huge.”

Dave Ramos of Pasadena, CA had this to say, “I have already recognized the benefits of using FishNure. I use about a marble sized amount in my aerated compost tea and can attest to it’s abilities. I have a garden that makes my friends jealous. They know my secret and don’t believe when I tell them that’s all I use (vermicompost, FishNure, molasses, liquid sea kelp). As an organic gardener it’s important to know the products we use will work consistently and FishNure has not let me down. Thanks again, I will pass the word along, have a great day!”

‏@travus88 Tweeted. “@fishnure This is an amazing product! We used this on a small palm tree and it is growing like crazy! Thanks for sharing with us!”




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