Improve Your Carbon Footprint by Using Fishnure

Improve Your Carbon Footprint by Using Fishnure

As the environment heats up due to global warming, more organic matter in the soil will decompose and be converted to carbon dioxide. This will then increase global warming even more. It will also decrease the fertility of the world's soil and its capability of producing food.

One way to combat the decline in organic matter in the soil is to add it back by using Fishnure(TM) when a fertilizer is needed.

Fishnure - more specifically, the Fishnure Humus Compost - is an organic fertilizer that is made from fish manure and oat straw in a process that binds carbon to clay particles that prevent further decomposition. This carbon remains in the soil and increases the percentage of organic matter in the soil. The carbon that remains in the soil helps reduce carbon in the atmosphere and at the same time improves fertility of the soil.

Here's to a more sustainable and eco-friendly gardening journey for all!

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