How to Grow Cannabis Using Fishnure Humus Compost

How to Grow Cannabis Using Fishnure Humus Compost

There are numerous methods used to grow cannabis.  These methods include hydroponics, aquaponics and traditional planting in soil. Hydroponics and aquaponics might offer some benefits for the grower but both are complicated, expensive and labor intensive. For growing plants including cannabis, we recommend a natural method using soil and a natural source of nutrients such as Fishnure.


Fishnure is made by composting fish manure, oat or wheat straw with a small amount of a special clay.  This composting process creates an organic natural fertilizer that is alive with microbes. A natural fertilizer provides nutrients to the plants with the aid of microbes. The microbes provide the exact amount of nutrients needed by the plants – not too much or not too little.

The importance of matching the plant’s nutrient need to the supply of nutrients is important to the sustainability of the process. If the nutrient supply is not sufficient, the plants will not survive. If the supply is excessive, the plants and the environment will be damaged.  Natural fertilization has maintained plants and the environment for millions of years.  Many of the modern agricultural practices are not sustainable and will lead to severe environmental problems. 

To survive, plants have developed natural traits that have allowed them to keep living. Those traits could be better taste or smells for insects that are beneficial to them. The traits could be of benefit to humans so the humans help them to survive. In any case it is natural selection that guides all living organisms and the microbes help provide optimum survivability.



If plants are grown in rich humus soils where microbes can provide optimum fertilization, the plant yields will be as good or better than the yields of plants grown in inferior soils and fertilized with inorganic fertilizers.

Methods such as hydroponics are not as precise and may not apply nutrients optimally.  Aquaponics is a natural fertilization process and will apply nutrients optimally but it involves growing fish. Growing fish is complicated. The use of Fishnure mimics the aquaponics process but is much simpler.

Whether you are starting from seed or a clone, use a potting soil that has no extra nutrients added and create a growing mixture using 1 part solid Fishnure to 3 parts potting soil.  Continue to use that mix ratio as the plants grow and require re-potting.  No additional source of nutrients should be needed.  Water the plants as needed.  This method will work for growing indoors or outdoors.


Growing cannabis is not like growing soybeans where everything is on a per acre basis.  Even if cannabis is grown outside in larger areas, it still is on a per plant basis and the amount of Fishnure needed will depend on the size of the plant. Normally, a pound of Fishnure should be sufficient for the entire growing season.

Here's wishing you the best of luck in your cannabis-growing adventure!


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