How to Use

How to Use Fishnure Solid Organic Fertilizer :

Pot Planting

Mix 1 part Fishnure to 5 parts top soil to make a potting mixture. After applying, water thoroughly.

For Established Plants

Apply 1/4 pound to the base of large established plants. Apply twice a year.

For smaller plants in rows or beds apply 1 pound per 50 sq. ft. of plants. Apply twice a year for perennials.

After applying, water thoroughly.

Vegetable Garden

Incorporate 1 pound of Fishnure per 25 feet of row length. After applying, water thoroughly.


Apply at a rate of 1 pound per 60 sq. ft. Apply twice a year. After applying, water thoroughly.

How to Use Fishnure Tea:

Fishnure tea is typically applied directly to the soil or to the leaves as a foliar spray. When applied to the leaves the diverse microbial profile in the tea helps the plant’s leaves absorb nutrients from the air. When applied to the soil the microbes help the plant’s root system extract nutrients from the soil.

Shake container of Fishnure prior to diluting. Dilute Fishnure tea by combining one part tea and 4 parts water.

Just prior to applying to the plants, mix 1 teaspoon of the included activator into each gallon of the diluted mixture and stir well.

The following amounts of the diluted mixture should be used for the applications
listed below:

Application Rate How to Apply Frequency
Lawn 16 oz./ 100 sq.ft. Hose end sprayer monthly
House Plants (small) 8 oz./ per plant Watering can or foliar sprayer every 2 weeks
House Plants (large) 12 oz./ per plant Watering can or foliar sprayer every 2 weeks
Flower beds & Vegetable Garden 18 oz./ 100 sq.ft. Hose end sprayer every 2 weeks
Trees and Shrubn 32 oz./ 100 sq.ft. Hose end sprayer monthly