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Where Does Our Compost Come From?

Fishnure Co.produces catfish in an advanced automated in-pond raceway environment. The solid waste from the fish is captured and removed in order to maintain excellent quality of the water. Fishnure is a high quality humus compost made from the solid fish manure that has been captured from the raceways. The fish manure is captured in a special quiet area at the end of each raceway and is removed by pumping the manure as a slurry into filtering cages where the water settles out leaving solid manure.

How is Our Compost Made?

The solid manure is then removed from the cages and combined with a carbon source, clay and inoculants following an exact recipe to achieve a proper carbon to nitrogen ratio. The ingredients are synchronized by adding moisture to the carbon source so that decomposition of all ingredients start at the same time. The mixture is carefully monitored for the proper temperature and carbon dioxide and aerated as needed. Humus compost is formed in a process that continues after the decomposition of the materials is finished. An additional 5 weeks or more are needed for the creation of carbon chains that provide the beneficial properties of humus compost. Clay and microbial inoculants are essential components in the forming of these carbon chains.

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For prices on bulk amounts contact John Tonn at fishnuresales@gmail.com or at 727-953-0891.

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