What is Fishnure?

Fishnure is an organic fertilizer and soil conditioning humus compost made from fish manure. Humus compost is organic matter combined with clay, broken down by microbes, and finally polymerized by microbes into humus. The clay provides the necessary structure for the polymers to form. The fish manure used in the process is the solid waste from a high protein diet excreted by fish in a raceway, where the solid waste can be captured and removed quickly from the water before nutrients leach.

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Benefits of Fishnure Humus Compost :

Organic, Natural, Non-chemical Plant Nutrition.

Increased yield and growth

No Odor - suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Increased aeration, water holding capacity and soil fertility.

Increased organic matter content of the soil.

Enhanced plant disease suppression.

Increased microbial life - higher bioavailability of nutrients

  • Hinksonfan - Gold for plants

    There is no better product for peppers, excited to try on some other things in the garden but the difference before using on my indoor started plants was so so so drastic. Premium product and then some. Not only noticeable size difference but the color of green on my leaves is awesome. Someone else in my house didn’t use fishnure on their plants, we planted same day and it shows.

  • Fishnure Japeth Feedback

    Japeth - Incredible Amazing Fertilizer!

    "Incredible Amazing fertilizer! Best on the market!!!!! I grow fruits in fabric pots on my patio! All the trees grow like crazy using this and the Mangoes produce huge super sweet fruit! And are always lush and green all my plants thrive! With Fishnure!"

  • Joe - Great product

    First off,A+ Customer service,GREAT guy named Jim.This is made with SUPER ,ONE OFF HUMUS!! NO ONE else has access to it!This product is for the gardener who doesn't want to wait 24hrs to get awesome Compost tea,all you do is measure out the amount add the ACTIVATOR (microbes,etc.....) and use as a foliar spray or root drench,and within hours your plants will be noticeably healthier(praying),and in a few hours turn GREENER!And I heard someone say all these reviews are fake,well I'm real and if you don't believe me we can meet,and ill tell you this face to face.*redacted*....Get it and you won't be sorry,it lasts for 2 weeks also!!!For even GREATER results use their actual humus compost,right here on Amazon...

Our review from Rob Coleman - 7 Pot Club

Fishnure 8lb sustainably sourced odorless organic humus compost fertilizer
  • Humus Compost Fertilizer

    For Pot Planting :

    Mix ONE (1) part Fishnure Humus Compost to FIVE (5) parts topsoil to make a potting mixture. After applying, water the plant thoroughly for maximum absorption.

    For Established Plants :

    Apply a QUARTER (1/4) pound of Fishnure Humus Compost to the base of your large established plants. For smaller plants in rows or beds, apply ONE (1) pound per 50 sq. ft. of plants. The recommended application frequency is twice a year. After applying, water thoroughly for maximum absorption.

    For Vegetable Gardens :

    Incorporate ONE (1) pound of Fishnure Humus Compost per 25 ft of row length. Recommended application frequency is twice a year. After applying, water thoroughly for maximum absorption.

  • Compost Tea

    Shake container of Fishnure prior to diluting. Dilute Fishnure tea by combining one part tea and 4 parts water. The following amounts of the diluted mixture should be used for the applications as per the image on the right.

    Lawn ( Monthly ):
    16 oz. per 100 sqft spray using hose end sprayer.

    Small House Plants ( every 14 days ):
    8 oz. per plant sprayed using watering can or foliar spray.

    Large House Plants ( every 14 days ):
    12 oz. per plant sprayed using watering can or foliar spray.

    Flower Beds and Vegetable Gardens ( Every 14 days ):
    18 oz. per 100 sqft spray using hose end sprayer.

    Trees and Shrubs ( Monthly ):
    32 oz. per 100 sqft spray using hose end sprayer.

  • Where Does Our Compost Come From?

    Fishnure Co. produces catfish in an advanced automated in-pond raceway environment. The solid waste from the fish is captured and removed in order to maintain excellent quality of the water. Fishnure is a high quality humus compost made from the solid fish manure that has been captured from the raceways. The fish manure is captured in a special quiet area at the end of each raceway and is removed by pumping the manure as a slurry into filtering cages where the water settles out leaving solid manure.

  • How is Our Compost Made?

    The solid manure is then removed from the cages and combined with a carbon source, clay and inoculants following an exact recipe to achieve a proper carbon to nitrogen ratio. The ingredients are synchronized by adding moisture to the carbon source so that decomposition of all ingredients start at the same time. The mixture is carefully monitored for the proper temperature and carbon dioxide and aerated as needed. Humus compost is formed in a process that continues after the decomposition of the materials is finished. An additional 5 weeks or more are needed for the creation of carbon chains that provide the beneficial properties of humus compost. Clay and microbial inoculants are essential components in the forming of these carbon chains.

  • Dry odor free organic fertilizer

    Unlike regular compost, the organic matter that is bound to the microscopic clay particles in our humus compost will not decompose further, and will remain in the soil.

    Increased organic matter in the soil will increase fertility, water retention, water absorption, micro life, and all the other benefits of good fertile soil.