Why Does Aquaponics Work So Well?

Aquaponics is a plant growing system similar to hydroponics, but different in the source of the nutrients. A hydroponic system requires additive nutrients for plants to grow properly, while aquaponics systems use live fish for fertilizer. Aquaponics systems mimic the way that nature works which makes it so sustainable, not to mention successful. It’s not unusual for plants grown aquaponically to yield higher growth and at a faster rate than traditional growing.

The key in the whole aquaponics system are the nutrients given off by fish waste. When you feed the fish, they digest the food and give off solid waste into the water as well as ammonia via liquid waste. Another naturally occurring element in the system is nitrates. Nitrates enrich the water and this gets pumped up to the growing beds where the plant roots are housed. At this point you have all the proper nutrients being delivered to the plant roots.

There are so many types of fish to choose from it can be hard to know which is ideal. We suggest Tilapia because they can easily adapt to different environments – check with your local authorities that it’s legal to own Tilapia in your area. Tilapia are also good for eating as well. Another benefit of aquaponics is the ability to eat the fish in your system. You really can make a full course meal between the plants that you grow and the fish that you harvest.

Achieving the perfect balance of bacteria and nutrients can be difficult. There are many factors that contribute to getting an optimal combination. A great way to get the benefits of fish fertilizer for your plants is by using Fishnure. No matter what route you choose, the most important part is getting the right nutrients to your plant roots.

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