Fishnure’s Moisture Retention Improves Plant Survivability in Drought

Drought conditions will increasingly become a problem for all plants.  Improving the soil moisture retention of the soil can be the difference between having good plants or dead plants.  The two plants below are from two green pea seeds.  The plant on the left was from a seed planted in a potting soil mixture of top soil and 20% Fishnure.  The plant on the right was from a seed planted in top soil only.  After 35 days the watering of the plants was stopped and the plants were allowed to die.  After 60 days the plants were removed from the soil and the pictures below were taken.  The plant growing in the Fishnure mixture still had some green showing and the root system was much more extensive than that of the other plant. This demonstrates the ability of Fishnure to provide a soil environment that can enhance plant survivability in adverse moisture conditions.


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